How to Submit Semen Analysis Specimens

Patient Guidelines for Submitting Semen Analysis Specimens

  • Specimens must be submitted to the laboratory within one hour of being collected by the patient. The specimens must be in a plastic sterile container provided by the physician. Make sure the lid is secure on the container
  • Specimens should be kept close to body temperature until delivered. Placing the sterile container under the arm or in an inside pocket will help to keep the specimen warm until delivered
  • Specimens must only be submitted to the laboratory, Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 12:00pm, excluding holidays
  • All sections of the Semen Analysis Request Form must be filled out including type of analysis required, patient history regarding vasectomy and reversal dates, time of last ejaculation prior to specimen collection, time of specimen collection, and name of requesting physician
  • Two unique identifiers must be labeled on the specimen container and on the Semen Analysis Request Form. Unique identifiers include first and last name as well as health card number, medical record number, or another unique identifier. Date of birth does not qualify as a unique identifier
  • Specimens may not be collected in condoms
  • Patients should abstain from ejaculation for three days prior to test, but no longer than seven days.
  • Specimens are to be delivered to at 5788 University Ave, Central Accessioning, first floor, DJ Mackenzie Building, Victoria General Site
  • Please note there is no facility for specimen collection at the laboratory