Collection Instructions

To prevent rejection or specimen testing delays, the specimen must be collected following NSHA Central Zone policies and procedures.

Confirming the patient’s identity is the most crucial step in collection of laboratory specimens.  For further information refer to the Verifying Patient Identification webpage.

Individuals or businesses who independently engage in phlebotomy (collect blood specimens) and obtain urine samples from clients for the purpose of laboratory testing are required to have an agreement  in place with NSHA Central Zone prior to the collection of any specimens. Details can be found on the Independent Phlebotomists webpage.

Test information

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine’s Laboratory Test Catalogue and Provincial Microbiology Users Manual provide collection information by test including:

  • Tube/specimen container
  • Required requisition
  • Collection instructions
  • Handling or shipping requirements

For guidelines on Cytopathology specimens please access the Cytopathology webpage.

CC 85-079 Venipuncture for Blood Specimen/Blood Culture Collection Policy

For NSHA Central Zone blood collection requirements see CC 85-079 Venipuncture for Blood Specimen/Blood Culture Collection. The associated learning module is a supportive phlebotomy training tool.

Additional Collection Information

The laboratory Patient Information webpage provides additional patient instructions regarding specimen collection.