Students / Learners with access to Orientation on HSPnet

Students who have access to HSPnet should complete the orientation materials within HSPnet. Please note, students need to be assigned to a placement in HSPnet in order to be prompted to complete the eLearning courses associated with the upcoming placement. 
Step 1: NSHA Orientation materials through HSPnet: 
  • Log-in to HSPnet using your student log-in information. 
  • Questions regarding student HSPnet access or accessing NSHA orientation materials on HSPnet, are to be directed to your academic/clinical placement coordinator / HSPnet administrator. 
Step 2: Complete orientation materials. 
  • Complete the eOrientation guide, which is available when you log into HSPnet
Step 3: Document completion of Orientation materials
  • HSPnet will automatically track progress and record completion of the orientation materials. 
Note to Placement Coordinators / Program HSPnet Administrators:
Should programs wish to deliver orientation materials to a group of students, HSPnet has outlined a process to mass update student completion of the units. See Excel Document “Mass update for group completion of NSHA HSPnet eLearning modules”.