Access to orientation materials for Students / Learners who do not have access to HSPnet

This process is for you if your program has not provided you access to the orientation martials via HSPnet. If you have a student account and log-in for HSPnet you should complete the modules on HSPnet. If you are a current NSHA employee, please go here for instructions on completing the orientation.
Step 1: Review the following materials
Step 2: Complete the eLearning Training Modules
Click on the NSHA eLearning catalogue site below and search/select each of the 10 Orientation Modules listed below. We recommend using Internet Explorer. Flash Player is also required.  If you experience difficulty accessing the modules, or are a MAC user, try using a different internet browser (i.e Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari).
  1. LMS Guest Access NSHA/IWK Privacy and Confidentialiity Training (Reminder: Ignore slide 15 and sign the Pledge of Confidentiality for students/learners)
  2. Just Culture
  3. General OHSW Training
  4. Fire Safety Training
  5. Infection Prevention and Control - Hand Hygiene
  6. General Orientation for Infection Prevention and Control (Hand Hygiene is a pre-requisite)
  7. Introduction to Respectful Workplace Policy
  8. Introduction to Workplace Violence – Part 1
  9. Introduction to Workplace Violence – Part 2 (Part 1 is a pre-requisite)
  10. Workplace Hazardous Material Information Systems (WHMIS) 1988/2015
Step 3: Document completion of Orientation materials
  1. Complete the Student and Learner e-Orientation Checklist.
  2. Submit the Checklist to your academic/clinical placement coordinator.
  3. Checklist is to be retained in learners file at Placing Agency for duration of the learners program.