Laboratory Test Result Turn Around Times

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (DPLM) is committed to providing laboratory test results within established turn-around-times based on the priority of the order (Routine, Urgent, Stat).

Standards for Turn-Around-Time

The following links outline the turn-around time standards for specific testing procedures within each laboratory division.  Within NSHA Central Zone, the Turn-Around-Time targets are set from specimen collection to reporting of the result.  Referrals from outside of NSHA Central Zone may experience longer Turn-Around-Times based on transportation.

Monthly Performance Indicators for Turn-Around-Time

In January 2012 the DPLM began conducting monthly audits to measure how well divisions within the department were meeting the laboratory test result turn-around-time standards. Monthly Turn-Around-Time reports, grouped by calendar year (and laboratory division beginning in Jan 2014), can be viewed by choosing the appropriate link below: