Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Your team can not use your manager or director’s procurement card to purchase items or services for your Organizational Health grant.

Please, first complete and return your Signing Authority and Accountability Statement forms. These forms are essential to opening and authorizing expenditures in your Organizational Health Grant account.

How do we access our money?

As a recipient of a Organizational Health grant, you are assigned a functional centre short name (e.g. OG and two other single digit numbers - OG##) and a SAP# starting with 790 and three single digit number - 790###

This short name and SAP# is to be used for tracking expenses relating to your Organizational Health project. To access funds from this functional centre, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Reimbursement - You may purchase items or services on your own. You can then submit a cheque/funds withdrawal form (in your grant package) along with your original receipts to: Hawley Dowe, Finance, Bethune Building, 902-473-1693. A cheque will then be issued to Payee.
  • If you would like to purchase through the Materials Management Department, please first contact Hawley Dowe at or Sarah Pettipas at for permission and to ensure your purchase does not exceed the amount of funds left in your account, as purchasing does not check account balances.

Can we use our procurement/department credit card to make purchases and then transfer money to cover charge?


When would I need to use a cheque/funds withdrawal form for my Organizational Health Grants 2016 project?

If you have purchased a grant project service or item with your own money and have a receipt, submit a cheque/funds withdrawal form to Hawley Dowe, Finance, Bethune Building, 902-473-1693 in order to get a refund.

How do I get reimbursed after purchasing items for our grant using my own cash or credit card?

Note: An example of a completed cheque/funds withdrawal form is included in your grant package. First you will need a blank cheque/funds withdrawal form. Follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Enter your department in the upper right hand corner
  • Complete date requirement on upper right hand side of form
  • In favor of payee - enter the name of the person who needs to be reimbursed - put in full home mailing address including Postal Code
  • Vendor # - do not fill in - not applicable
  • Account # or Short Name - enter your assigned a functional centre short name (E.g. OG and other digits - OG##) and your SAP# (i.e. 790###)
  • Sub account number - do not fill in - not applicable
  • Amount - enter the total amount of receipts
  • Details of payment, purpose and other particulars of cheque issue sections - enter a brief description and be sure to indicate that the services or items purchased was for an Organizational Health Grants 2016 and the name of your grant - as indicated in the “congratulations you received funding” letter
  • Prepared by - your name (signature is required)
  • Approved by - the person with signing authority as per the Signing Authority form (signature is required)
  • You then submit your completed cheque/funds withdrawal form along with your original receipts to: Hawley Dowe, Finance, Bethune Building, 902-473-1693. A cheque will then be issued to the payee. It is a good practice to copy the completed cheque/funds withdrawal form and receipts to keep on file until you receive reimbursement.