Regional Tissue Bank

The Regional Tissue Bank provides the option of tissue donation as an essential part of end of life care  to donors and their families by respecting their wishes. Our skilled professional staff displays the utmost respect for all parties involved.

The Regional Tissue Bank, part of Capital Health, is the largest comprehensive tissue centre in Canada. We support Tissue donation and transplantation including ophthalmology, cardiac, orthopedic, neuro and general surgery programs.

Tissue Donation Improves Lives

  • Corneas offer sight restoration
  • Sclera tissue utilized in reconstructive eye surgery
  • Bone utilized in orthopedic procedures, cancer patients
  • Soft tissue offers tensile strength
  • Tendons restore mobility and function to joints
  • Heart Valves can save a life
  • Skin, acting as a bandage can save a burn patient

The Regional Tissue Bank, first established in 1992 to support the donation of tissue and the provision of safe quality tissue grafts to regional physicians and patients now provides allografts to over 180 Canadian Centres, distributing more than 3000 allografts annually to Canadian patients.

Quality Services

The Regional Tissue Bank is dedicated to providing a Canadian based service to support health care teams and their patients. Our quality and customer service program works directly with end users to ensure our services meet and exceed their expectations.  As part of our customer and quality services we provide the following:

  • Allograft tissue in compliance with AATB, EBAA, ISO, CSA standards and the Human Safety of Cells, Tissues and Organs Regulations
  • Certification and accreditation with AATB, and ISO
  • Inspected by Health Canada Food Products Branch
  • Medical Device Licensure for allograft heart valves
  • All tissue specialists hold AATB Certification
  • All tissue is procured and distributed in Canada
  • All tissue is extensively screened for bacterial and viral contamination
  • All tissue is non-irradiated to preserve optimal biologic functionality
  • All tissue is frozen or cryopreserved to preserved optimal biologic functionality
  • 24-hour delivery anywhere in Canada
  • Recipient tracking
  • Surgical Surveillance and Adverse outcome monitoring
  • Customized grafts


Our primary focus is to preserve and enhance our quality assurance and control processes to maximize safety, minimize the risk of disease transmission and maximize the efficacy of our products. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through our accreditations and compliance with the following:

  • American Association of Tissue Banks Standards
  • Eye Bank Association of America Standards
  • Health Canada Medical Device Licensure
  • Quality Systems Standards ISO 13485:2003
  • CAN/CSA ISO 13485:2003 Medical Device Regulations
  • Canadian Standards Association General Standards Z900.1-03
  • Canadian Standards Association Tissue Standards Z900.2.2-03
  • Canadian Standards Association Ocular Standards Z900.2.4-03
  • The Human Safety of Cells, Tissues and Organs (CTO) Regulations

We are committed to continuous quality improvement in collaboration with our customers, through our quality programs and in research and development.