New Parents

After Delivery

A Public Health Nurse will come see you in the hospital once you’ve had your baby. The purpose of this visit is to introduce you to Public Health and ask you a series of questions to help identify supports that may be available to you and your family.

Once you are discharged from the hospital, a Public Health Nurse will call you at home within 72 hours to see how you’re doing and offer support. If you need a little help, a Public Health Nurse can even visit you where you live. Public Health also works in partnership with Family Resource Centres to offer the Enhanced Home Visiting Program. This program provides additional support to families who may need, for a variety of reasons, just a little extra support.

Questions on parenting, understanding your baby?

Loving Care is a series of four books for parents of children from birth to age three, developed by Nova Scotia’s Department of Health and Wellness in partnership with Public Health Services. Here you'll get answers to all those questions, including expert advice on getting to know your baby, growth and development, crying, sleep and more.

Questions on feeding your baby?

Ask a Nurse

There's so much to learn about taking care of your baby. If you have questions about infant nutrition, breastfeeding, parenting or general childcare questions, call 902-481-5800 to leave a message.

A Public Health Nurse will call you back within one business day to offer support and direct you to community resources. Other Health Care providers may also call us to ask questions, initiate services or to follow up on clients.

This service is available Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm. Outside of business hours we encourage you to contact Healthlink 811 or your family doctor.

About Family Drop-Ins

Visit us in your community for breastfeeding assessment and assistance, parenting support and other health information. At some drop-ins a Public Health Nurse facilitates group education sessions on a variety of topics including parenting, growth and development, nutrition, safety and crying. As well, some drop-ins offer Breastfeeding Buddies a peer support program facilitated by a Public Health Nurse.

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