Health Care Services

Transgender Health Care

  • Supportive counselling and referrals for mental health counselling.
  • Education about transgender issues.
  • Preliminary hormone evaluation.
  • Help with hormone injections.
  • Formal hormone and GID assessment referrals and follow up. 

Sexual Health

  • Onsite anonymous HIV testing.
  • Sexual health education.
  • Short term supportive counselling.
  • Onsite STI and Hepatitis C testing.
  • Sexual health testing referrals.

Mental Health   

  • Supportive counselling.
  • Mental health education and awareness.
  • Sexual orientation or gender identity issues.
  • Transgender issues.
  • Family issues.
  • Work or personal problems related to coming out.
  • Long term counselling referrals.
  • Homophobia or transphobia support.
  • Nova Scotia Mental Health and addictions resource guide for Nova Scotians. If you are or someone you care about is facing a mental health emergency or crisis, call the Province-wide Mental Health Crisis Line at 1-888-429-8167, or call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room.

Addiction Prevention and Referrals

  • Emotional supportive counselling for addiction concerns.
  • Addiction education and awareness.
  • Referrals to safe providers for formal addiction treatment.

Health and Wellness

  • Health promotion education and awareness. 
  • Wellness and lifestyle counselling.
  • Healthy eating, nutrition management, exercise planning.
  • Chronic disease management assistance.
  • Referrals to safe health care providers.