Our Promise in Action

Message from the CEO

In 2007 we embarked on a new strategic plan - Our Promise. Developed with the input of thousands of our citizens, patients, physicians and staff, Our Promise set a very different course for Capital Health.

Over the past five years, we have made great strides in advancing the new plan. We are more person-centred in our care and services. We engage citizens and communities in our plans and decisions much more than we did before. We have re-affirmed our academic commitment and introduced many innovations. We have changed the culture of leadership at Capital Health. We have worked to ensure our organization and the services we provide are sustainable.

While we have achieved a great deal of positive change through Our Promise, at times it seemed we were almost overwhelmed by change and at risk of losing focus. Sometimes the language we have used, terms like ‘culture change’ and ‘possibility’, has made what we are trying to accomplish somewhat unclear.

We are committed to bringing new focus and clarity to our strategic direction.

Our Promise is still our promise - we are not changing course - but through a broad engagement effort, we have developed a refreshed plan to more clearly identify and commit to, our strategic priorities over the next three years. We have refined the definitions of each of the five convergent strategies and set renewed areas of focus, goals and initiatives, so everyone can see how the revitalized plan can be applied at every level.

Through this process, we have received feedback from hundreds of Capital Health’s community members - employees, physicians, partners and the public - through Focus Groups, Co-Lead Engagement Sessions and Themed Feedback  from the e-survey, drop in sessions and stakeholder sessions.

We realize that a vision without a plan is just a dream. We now have a plan - Our Promise in Action. And this plan involves you.

Thank you to all of our Capital Health community members who have taken the time to provide input and help move Our Promise forward. Please take the time to read and reflect on the material presented here and learn more about how you can participate and contribute to Our Promise in Action.

Working together, we will achieve our goals and realize our vision of healthier people and healthier communities.


Chris Power
President and CEO