Sunshine Room

The Sunshine Room is a space that offers complementary therapy to cancer patients and compassionate support for affected loved ones. As an initiative of Cancer Care Nova Scotia and located within the chemotherapy wing of the Victoria General Hospital, this non-medical facility provides patients with relief during their battle with cancer. Patients and families visit the room when they need an escape or a safe haven from traumatic and ongoing medical treatment that consumes their daily lives.


The Sunshine Room was created from the vision of Helen Densmore, a wife and mother of three who was battling cancer and advocating for others living with the disease. During her battle with cancer, Helen recognized that patients should be entitled to the same level of compassion and support that was provided to her from friends, family and her community.

Determined to fulfill her vision, Helen, with support from Cancer Care Nova Scotia, the Capital Health Cancer Care Program and Capital Health Volunteer Services, began an 18-month journey to make her vision a reality. Shortly after the room opened in June 2003, Helen lost her battle with cancer. The Sunshine Room remains a symbol of Helen’s dedication to improving the quality of life for Nova Scotians living with and affected by cancer.

The Sunshine Room celebrates 10 years, Wednesday, June 19, 2013.