Halifax Obesity Network

Hello Everyone! We hope that you are all staying well during these challenging times of Stay at Home/avoidance of Covid 19.  Our team has been keeping in touch with our patients via telephone clinics and we are hearing a few common challenges.

1.  People are wanting to bake while at home and are insightfully identifying that their traditional baking recipes are a slippery slope/ not supportive of keeping on track with the given Program and

2. Many are communicating that they are relying on others to grocery shop for them and sometimes are eating whatever is delivered. 

In response to this we thought we would post some potentially healthy options for baking that are in keeping with the Program and as well have devised a grocery list that is in keeping with options that are frequent on the given diets with the Program.

*** see the tab to the left--Covid Baking and Grocery List

New video posted re Psychology of Weight Loss and Practical Tips for Helping You Get Engaged In Managing Your Weight (see the e-Learning Preparation for Bariatric Surgery Link to the left)


eLearning Preparation Pilot for Bariatric Surgery in Nova Scotia

Talks from The Oct 13th Obesity Management in 2017:Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk conference

Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Psychological Factors that Impair or Facilitate Weight Management: Putting LIFE Into Lifestyle

Bariatric Medicine: Obesity IS a Chronic Disease

Too Big to Move - Creative Exercise Solutions

Limiting choice as an approach for obesity management

Managing Food Choices Thinking Outside the Box

Understanding the Biology of Weight and Weight Regain to Assist those Challenged with Obesity

Medical Management and Practical Strategies

Nova Scotia has the second highest prevalence of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in Canada. Recognizing this, Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) is committed to addressing the Obesity epidemic through:

  • Providing Support for Behavior / Lifestyle Modification-
  • Medical Management of Obesity
  • Weight Loss Surgery

The Halifax Obesity Network is a site designed to support those challenged with Obesity, NSHA Weight Loss Surgery patients as well as Health Care Professionals working with patients challenged with Obesity.

Bariatric Surgery Consult

Please have your family physician submit a Consult Form For Weight Loss Surgery on your behalf.  

The current wait times for Bariatric Surgery (for Weight Loss) are available on the Nova Scotia wait times website. We are working to increase our capacity to have patients seen sooner. 

The Halifax Obesity Network is unable to respond to concerns regarding expected wait times for Weight Loss Surgery. Both NSHA and the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness have programs that deal with wait time concerns. Please have patients with wait time questions contact these programs.

NSHA Patient Representatives

Tel: 902-473-2133.
1-855-799-0990 (toll-free in Nova Scotia)

Department of Health and Wellness

Tel: 902-424-5818
1-800-387-6665 (toll-free in Nova Scotia)


Every Tuesday - 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Tel: 902-473-2970
Fax: 902-425-8292