Personal Health Information Act - Cardiology


Caring for our Patient's Personal Health Information

In the spring of 2013 all researchers in Nova Scotia Health Authority needed to rise to the challenge of being compliant with the Nova Scotia Personal Health Information Act (PHIA). This act affirms that patient personal information is private and is available to health care workers involved in their clinical care and to others only with their consent. The information and resources required to effectively continue our research efforts and comply with our institutions regulations on PHIA you will find on this page.

The Cardiology Research Group recognized there was much diversity in how researchers recognized and approached patients with the opportunity to participate in research studies. We all know that research is an essential part of who we are and what we do as health care professionals. Added to this is knowing that patients have the right for the opportunity to be involved in research, we rose to the task of developing the processes to ensure that PHIA compliant  Cardiology Research continues at CDHA.

This was a collaborative endeavor. Many groups and individuals have contributed to these resource documents. They included all of the disciplines within research, Health Services Managers, IT personnel, Privacy and Legal Departments as well as the REB.

Supporting Documents

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