Cardiac Surgery Division

The Division of Cardiac Surgery at The Maritime Heart Centre treats diseases and damage of the heart and its major blood vessels in the chest.

The division provides care for patients from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (approximately 1.1 million people) as well as heart transplantation and mechanical cardiac procedures for Atlantic Canada (2.5 million people).

Every year, the division of cardiac surgery performs over 1500 surgical procedures, from pacemaker insertion to repairing damaged heart valves.

The division of Cardiac Surgery at the Maritime Heart Centre is an award winning institution - our surgical outcomes and survival rates after major surgical procedures are among the best in North America.

Our centre believes in a team approach; where surgeons, intensive care physicians, nurses and specialists in medical technology, nutrition and physiotherapy act as a comprehensive unit - assuring our patients the best possible opportunity of attaining a full recovery.

We are an academic cardiac surgery centre, actively involved in the training of the next generation of caregivers from prestigious institutions such as Dalhousie University School of Medicine and Saint Mary’s University.

The centre employs leading edge technological advances in our patient care and is a leader in critical patient centered research projects. The entire division continues to lead by example in the healthcare industry when it comes to advocating for their patients rights and optimal treatment.