Profile - Angela MacArthur

Angela MacArthur is director of Integrated Health for Rural Sites in Eastern Zone, which includes rural emergency sites. She works closely with Barb O’Neill, director of Emergency for Eastern Zone.
Angela has a passion for emergency and for rural medicine, making her role a perfect fit. She’s worked in rural health for 30 years, having started her career in the emergency department in Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital.
Rural emergency departments are often the first point of contact for patients who may need to be transferred to a higher level of care. Angela says staff working in rural care settings need to know a little bit about everything and have the expertise and training to deliver safe, quality care to those who need it. She says staff are keen to learn and seek out opportunities to stay current in their field.
When Angela isn’t working, you may find her and her husband planning their annual two-week trip to the Caribbean, or figuring out where to travel within Canada in their quest to visit every province and territory!