How does the Fracture Liaison Service work?

The FLS Nurse will assess the patient during one of their visits to the orthopaedic clinic, or during their hospital stay.  Any needed tests e.g. Bone Mineral Density (BMD) testing, x-rays and screening blood work, will be coordinated by the FLS Nurse. Nutrition, exercise and falls prevention will be discussed with the patient.  A detailed management plan, including all test results, will be sent to the patient’s primary care provider. The HIGH risk patients will be followed for one year to help ensure the management plan is understood and followed.
All protocols and recommendations follow Osteoporosis Canada’s 2010 Clinical Practice Guidelines.  (  
How do I access this program/service?
This is not a referral based program.  The FLS Nurse will proactively identify patients presenting with the appropriate fracture types and follow up with them either as an inpatient or in the outpatient orthopaedic clinic.