Nova Scotia Health and IWK Health background for providers using Zoom for Healthcare

Backgrounds are available with Nova Scotia Health and IWK Health logos, as well as a NEW joint background with both logos. Please note the background will appear reversed to the host but not to participants. 
Backgrounds have been uploaded to the Zoom for Healthcare web portal. When using the web portal, change the background under Settings > Virtual Backgrounds and select your background. If you don't see the background, click on View virtual backgrounds and the selections will appear. 
When using the Zoom desktop client, change the background as follows:
  • Save the appropriate background image file - NSH image file or IWK image file or NSH/IWK combined image file
  • Sign into Zoom desktop client
  • Open Settings
  • Click on Background & Effects
  • Under Virtual Backgrounds tab, click on the Add Image button (plus sign)
  • Click Add Image
  • Navigate to the folder where you saved the background image file, click on the file to select and click Open
  • The background image file will now appear in your Virtual Background tab
  • To select the background, click on the image