I can’t remember my Zoom password. Can you reset it?

If you forget your Zoom password, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Zoom web portal (https://nshealth.zoom.us/)
  • Enter your Zoom username (email address used to create your Zoom account)
  • In the password field, click on the word “Forgot”
  • Follow the instructions to reset the password

My Personal Meeting ID is disabled.

The above message appears at the top of your Zoom screen when you schedule a meeting. This is okay.

Personal Meeting IDs were disabled in 2020 due to the potential for a privacy breach. This does not mean that you cannot schedule an appointment.

When you schedule, your meeting will now have a randomly generated Meeting ID and Passcode unique to each appointment. This ensures that participants who are not invited to the meeting, cannot access.

Don’t forget to choose from the dropdown menu in the Meeting Purpose field (do not type in this field) before clicking on the Save button.

I am unable to add someone as an alternative host?

When scheduling a Zoom meeting, you can only add someone as an alternative host who has a current Licensed Nova Scotia Health Zoom for Healthcare account.

If the person does not have an account, you can still make them a co-host once the meeting begins. The host would start the meeting, hover over the person’s name in the participant pane, click on the More button and Make co-host. That participant will now be able to screen share, etc.

Host/co-host is unable to START meeting using the Meeting Link

If you are a host or co-host starting a Zoom meeting using a Meeting Link, you MUST sign into your Zoom desktop client before clicking on the Meeting Link. If you do not, Zoom will not recognize you as the host/co-host of the meeting and you will sit in the Waiting Room like any other participant.

Administrative staff scheduling under their own Zoom account

Admins should not be scheduling meetings under accounts used for scheduling purposes. Instead, the HCP must assign scheduling privileges to those accounts (see instructions below) so that the meeting can be scheduled under the HCPs Zoom account. This means that the HCP will be the host of the meeting and would START that meeting themselves.

HCPs need to assign scheduling privileges so that another Licensed Zoom user is able to schedule on their behalf.

Once the HCP assigns scheduling privileges, the Zoom account that has been assigned scheduling privileges may have to sign out and back into Zoom before the changes will take effect.

I am a private practice clinician with a Nova Scotia Health Zoom for Healthcare account. How do I update my Zoom client?

Go to the Zoom Download Center to download the newest version