REB Processes and Policies

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Section 1 - General Administration

NSHA REB-SOP-1-001 Authority and Purpose

NSHA REB-SOP-1-002-Development and Maintenance

NSHA REB-SOP-1-003- Signing Authority

NSHA REB-SOP-1-004-Training and Education REB Members & Staff

NSHA REB-SOP-1-005-Management of REB Office Personnel

NSHA REB-SOP-1-006A-Conflict of Interest - REB Members and REB Office Personnel

NSHA REB-SOP-1-006B-Conflict of Interest - Researcher

NSHA REB-SOP-1-006C-Conflict of Interest - Organization

NSHA REB-SOP-1-007 Use of Scanned Signatures

NSHA REB-SOP-1-008 - Use and Disclosure of PHI

NSHA REB-SOP-1-009- Health Canada REB Attestation (REBA) Form

Section 2 - REB Organization

NSHA REB-SOP-2-001- Composition of the REB

NSHA REB-SOP-2-002- Management of REB Membership

NSHA REB-SOP-2-003- Responsibilities of REB Members

NSHA REB-SOP-2-004-Responsibilities of REB Office Personnel

Section 3 - Functions and Operations:

NSHA REB-SOP-3-001- NSHA REB Submission Requirements & Administrative Review

NSHA REB-SOP-3-002- NSHA REB Meeting Administration

NSHA REB-SOP-3-003- NSHA REB Document Management, Archiving & Retention

Section 4 - Review of Research

NSHA REB-SOP-4-001-Review of Research

NSHA REB-SOP-4-002-NSHA REB Review Decisions

NSHA REB-SOP-4-003-Delegated Review Procedure

NSHA REB-SOP-4-004-Initial Review - Criteria for REB Approval

NSHA REB-SOP-4-005- Ongoing Review and Reporting

NSHA REB-SOP-4-006- Annual Approval Process

NSHA REB-SOP-4-007- Suspension or Termination of REB Approval

NSHA REB-SOP-4-008- Study Completion

NSHA REB-SOP-4-009- Reporting New.Updated Safety Information

Reviews Requiring Special Considerations

NSHA REB-SOP-5-001- Reviews Requiring Special Consideration

NSHA REB-SOP-5-002- Review of Research Involving Human Genetic Research and Research Concerning Human Reproduction

NSHA REB-SOP-5-003 - Review During Publicly Declared Emergencies

REB Communication and Notification

NSHA REB-SOP-6-001 - Communication - Investigators and Research Staff

NSHA REB-SOP-6-002 - Communication - Research Participants

Informed Consent

NSHA REB-SOP-7-001 - Informed Consent Requirements and Documentation

Responsibilities of Investigators

NSHA REB-SOP-8-001 - Investigator Qualifications and Responsibilities

Quality Management

NSHA REB-SOP-9-001 - Quality Assurance Inspections

NSHA REB-SOP-9-002 - External Inspections or Audit

NSHA REB-SOP-9-003- Non-Compliance


REB Review Fees

Jurisdiction Policy

NSHA Table of Contents

NSHA Glossary of Terms

NSHA REB Terms of Reference - 2021