Application Submission 
  1. A letter of interest including the objectives of the appointment and current CV; 
  2. A letter of support from the Dean of the respective faculty; 
  3. A letter of support from the respective NSHA Departmental Director and Physician Co-lead as appropriate; 
  4. Preplacement Screening (Refer to applicable DHA policies regarding immunization); 
  5. Criminal Records Check and Vulnerable Sectors Search (Refer to applicable NSHA policies regarding Criminal Records Checks); 
  6. Child Abuse Registry Check (If you are working with individuals under 19yrs);
  7. Confirmation of Liability Coverage;
  8. Proof of Credentialing/Licensure (Refer to applicable NSHA policies regarding Proof of Credentialing/Licensure);
  9. A completed application form. 
Application Processing
  • The Scientific Affiliate Appointments Committee reviews the application.  Normally the Committee meets quarterly: January, May, and September.  
  • The Scientific Affiliate Appointments Committee makes recommendations on appointments to the President and CEO NSHA through the Vice President of Research & Innovation /Vice President People and Organizational Development.
  • Appointments will be granted for a period of up to 3 years.
Application Acceptance
  • Upon accepting an offer of a scientific/affiliated appointment, the Appointee agrees to comply with the terms as outlined in the policy NSHA-AD-A0-005
Annual Review 
  • An annual report is prepared by the appointee and the Departmental Director/Physician Co-Lead as appropriate.
  • The report reviews and revises goals and objectives, accomplishments and outcomes of the appointment. (Refer to Appendix B annual report template).
  • The appointee submits the annual report to
  • Three months prior to the appointment term end, electronically submit a written request signed off by the Joint appointee, and IWK/NSHA Departmental Director/Physician Co-Lead as appropriate to
  • The reappointment request submission includes: 
  1. A summary of the accomplishments of the current appointment and the objectives of a continued appointment; 
  2. A letter of support from the Departmental Director and Physician Co-Lead as appropriate; and 
  3. A letter of support from the Dean of the respective faculty.
  4. A current CV
  5. Confirmation of liability coverage
  6. Current proof of credentiality/licensure