Scientific Affiliate Appointments

The academic mandate of the Nova Scotia Health Authority is supported by strong partnerships with universities and colleges. The NSHA values professional education, research and innovation as a way to enhance the quality of care, competency of providers and improve patient and population health outcomes. Scientific and Affiliated appointments are an enabler to creating strong partnerships between academia and practice.
NSHA’s policy for scientific/affiliated appointments ensures that the appointments are made and managed in a clear, transparent and responsible manner.
Scientific/affiliated appointments at NSHA are:
     -Available to individuals with an academic appointment at a Nova Scotia university that has an affiliation agreement with NSHA
     -Available in one of the following categories (see Appendix A in policy for definitions):
  • Research
  • Scholarship
  • Collaborative Initiatives
All requests for affiliated appointments will be vetted through the Scientific/Affiliated Appointments Committee at the NSHA. Please see the policy document for more information on scientific/affiliated appointments at NSHA.