Therapeutic Work Project

Capital Health's Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre (NSRC), with funding from the Department of Labour, Post Secondary Education Supports and in partnership with Easter Seals Nova Scotia New - Leaf Enterprises, is currently operating a Food Service Program in the former cafeteria space at the NSRC. New Leaf CafĂ© provides food services to outpatients visiting this facility as well as family and staff. This unique operation provides persons with disabilities the opportunity to develop food handling and customer service skills.

With the establishment of services by New Leaf Enterprises, the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre has been offering a Therapeutic Work Program. This program provides clients who experience physical and or cognitive disabilities the opportunity to enhance their skills as they strive to overcome illness and prepare for a return to independence in their home and vocational environment. Participants receive a stipend of one hundred and fifty dollars per month based on four months of training.

Therapeutic Work is a training program designed to enable participants to resume productive employment at a level appropriate to their abilities. The Therapeutic Work Program works with participants to find an appropriate occupational interest.

Participants of the Vocational Counselling Service will be involved in an assessment phase that evaluates interests, skills, aptitudes and achievement levels. The Therapeutic Work setting will provide practical experience within a food service setting containing training modules in the areas of:

  • Food preparation
  • Money management
  • Inventory control
  • Baking
  • Cleaning & maintenance