Specialty Seating & Mobility Service

We focus on health, preventing injury and maximizing ability. We work with outpatients and inpatients to use wheelchairs to help them do their daily activities. We will assess you for all of your Seating & Positioning Solutions for Adults with Complex Needs. We work with you to develop a care plan that has meaning for you. We can provide special seating by building custom wheelchair parts or changing commercial parts on wheelchairs. Our team includes members with special training in the area of seating and mobility.

Our inpatient group also provides temporary wheelchairs to all QEII inpatients that need them while they are staying within one of the QEII hospital sites.

How to access our service

  • To book an appointment with us, please fill out a referral from and mail, fax or email the completed form to us

Inpatient Wheelchair Loan Service

  • Occupational therapist working with you will assess you for your temporary inpatient wheelchair

How to pay for this service

Our service does not provide funding for wheelchairs but we may be able to help you write letters or talk to those who may help you get the funding you need. If you know of any funding sources you may use, bring that information with you. After we work with you to make a plan, we will provide a “quote” of how much you can expect to pay for materials. There are no fees for our service, we only charge for the materials we use to build your wheelchair parts.

There is no cost for the temporary use of our inpatient wheelchairs while an inpatient within one of the QEII hospital sites.

Contact Specialty Seating & Mobility Service

Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre
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Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

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