Day Program - Acquired Brain Injury

The Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Day Program offers different outpatient therapy groups for people who have an Acquired Brain Injury; who want to learn more about their injury, take part in meaningful activities, explore their strengths and learn skills and strategies to help manage their symptoms.

The ABI Day Program is a closed program. Participants must be referred by a healthcare professional, participate in an intake assessment and be registered for the program in order to attend.

ABI Core Program

The Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Day Program offers a Core Program aimed at helping individuals learn more about the programs we offer and the effects of Acquired Brain Injury. This program is the first step before moving on to the different Series.

Acquired Brain Injury Series Program

Once the CORE program is completed, participants can join in one or more of our theme-based groups (called Series). These groups run twice a week for six weeks. The purpose of the Series is to help people learn strategies to deal with different challenges related to their acquired brain injury. 

We currently offer series that help with the following: Fatigue, Memory, Emotional Regulation (i.e., anger, frustration), Relaxation, Leisure, Recreation Participation and Community Living Skills.

Who can be referred...

  • 16 years of age and older
  • Able to participate in a group setting
  • Lives within the province and has access to reliable transportation
  • Manages personal care and medications during program or has caregiver present to assist
  • Medically stable and able to attend regular sessions
  • Has a documented acquired brain injury (Examples)
    • Traumatic brain injury - a blow to the head or hitting one’s head
    • Brain tumors
    • Brain infections (Example: meningitis or encephalitis)
    • Lack of oxygen due to heart attack or a near drowning event
    • Stroke

People with an Acquired Brain Injury who...(Examples of potential referrals to the ABI Day Program)

  • Need education about Acquired Brain Injury and related symptoms and could benefit from support from peers going through similar experience
  • Have cognitive (thinking) difficulties such as trouble with memory, paying attention, being organized, initiating or following through with tasks, or problem solving.
  • Have trouble managing fatigue related to their ABI.
  • Have emotional/behavior challenges related to their ABI (anger/irritability, mood swings, stress/anxiety)
  • Have social and life skill challenges related to their ABI (social isolation, decreased interest/opportunity for leisure, lacking daily structure)

If you’re not sure whether you should refer a particular patient, give us a call!

How to access our Service

To be seen by our service a completed Outreach & Day Program Referral form  is required. Fax referral to 902-425-6574 or mailed directly to our Coordinator.


Coordinator, Acquired Brain Injury Ambulatory Care Teams
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Nova Scotia Rehabilitation& Arthritis Centre
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Tel: 902-473-1186
Fax: 902-425-6574

Acquired Brain Injury Day Program
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