Psychology Department (QEII)

Psychology: QEII provides a wide range of psychological services to medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, mental health, and geriatric services, including inpatient, day patient, outpatient, and consultation services. Specific psychological services have been developed for cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation, geriatrics (inpatient, outpatient, and day hospital programs), HIV, medical rehabilitation (inpatient and outpatient programs), organ transplantation, otolaryngology, pain management, mental health (inpatient, day hospital, and outpatient programs), neuropsychology, stroke, surgical epilepsy, traumatic brain injury and sleep medicine services.

Psychology: QEII endorses a scientist-practitioner orientation. There is some diversity in the theoretical backgrounds of psychology supervisors, although cognitive-behavioural approaches to intervention predominate. Clinical research is highly valued within Psychology: QEII. Most of the supervisors have active research programs and are cross-appointed at Dalhousie University.


Dr. Doug Cane, Clinical Training Director
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