Community of Practice

What is a Community of Practice?

  • A Community of Practice is a knowledge network of individuals with a shared passion, or concern, that engage in a process of collective learning to broaden their knowledge base 
  • It is a communication network between clinicians around the province 

What is the purpose of a Community of Practice?

  • The purpose is to promote knowledge, information and resource sharing between members to improve the delivery of best practice wound care throughout the province 

What is the function of the Community of Practice?

  • Discuss local and provincial wound care initiatives in wound care
  • Discuss provincial and local wound care needs or concerns and decide on actions needed to address these concerns 
  • Provide and share information and resources between clinicians to improve practices around the province 
  • To identify priorities and deliverables needed from the Provincial Wound Prevention and Management Program 

What would the responsibilities of the members be?

  • Voluntary participation 
  • Share knowledge, experiences and resources 
  • Participate in discussions 
  • Raise issues and concerns from local area and provincially
  • Share the successes of local initiatives 
  • Review documents and deliverables from the Provincial Wound Program 

What is the benefit of joining a Community of Practice?

  • Personal level:
  1. an increase in the depth, quality and confidence of their knowledge base
  2. encourages building relationships for networking and collaborating together 
  3. decrease the practice of isolationism within healthcare
  • Organizational level:
    • to shape and transform current practices and policies to promote quality evidence-based improvement activities