Clinic/Floor User Guide - Porter Services

The Porter Request System is an automated dispatching program that, once your call is entered, will dispatch your call directly to a porter eliminating the need for you to call Porter Services. You will still have the ability to call 902-473-2557 and speak to a dispatcher but we ask that you use this system as it will be the main way to put in a call.

Getting Started

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Type "porterrequest" in the address bar
  • IE Browser will refresh to "Welcome to Your Service Request Portal"

Note: The system will confirm your ‘Requestor Information’ and populate the fields required to submit a Porter Request. To change users profile information, click ‘Show Menu’ then ‘Update My Requestor Information’ from the right view of the browser. The system will save all changes.

Creating/Edit Requestor Profile

There are four menu tabs on the left of the browser to complete a user profile. All fields with 'REQUIRED' must be completed to move forward. Other fields are optional and are labeled 'RECOMMENTED' but not required to move forward. 

Contact Information - User ID, First Name, Last Name, Primary Phone and eMail.

User Location - Site, Building, Floor, Department/Area and Room. (Contact Porter Services if department/floor is not listed.)

Optional Information - Cell, Pager, Fax and Alternate Contact. (Recommented by not required.)

Confirm & Submit - Review updated information. Incomplete fields will have 'REQUIRED' in red and must be completed. Scroll to the bottom of the browser and click 'Submit Profile Update' button to save changes.


Users will be automatically logged in to the Porter Request System when a user signs into a Captial Health computer with their windows Active Directory (AD) logon.

From the 'Welcome to Your Service Request Portal' view 'Authorized User:' (under Welcome) will identify the user that is logged in the Porter Request System.

To login as a different user select the 'Logout' button located in the upper right corner of the browser. Enter your indows Active Directory (AD) user ID and password. 

How to Input a Call

If the menu is not showing from the right of the browser view, select 'Show Menu'. To hide the menu, select 'Hide Menu'. From the 'Show Menu' view, select the option 'Creae a Porter Request'.

There are four menu tabs on the left of the browser to complete a Porter Request.

Contact Information

Fields should be automatically populated if user completed 'Creating/Edit Requestor Profile'.

Origin & Destination

Pick-up and drop-off  locations. User profile fields will be automatically populated. Use the drop down menu to make changes. All 'REQUIRED' fields must be completed before moving forward.

Call Description

Call Category - Details or special instructions. Select the category from the drop down menu. According to the category will determine if more details are required. All 'REQUIRED' fields must be completed before moving forward.
Example: If a wheelchair is needed, fields will appear that are required.

Call Description - Special Instructions - Enter text in the 'Call Description - Special Instructions' field when extra fields at not required to the category choice.
Example: Category pick is 'Patient Related' provide details in the 'Call Description - Special Instructions', "Chart on patient XXX to be transported to Health Records."
Example: Category pick is 'Patient in Stretcher' provide details in the 'Call Description - Special Instructions'. Note: Estimated Delivery Date & Time appears as the approximate time for completion of the call if the porter is available at the time. Depending daily factors such as call volume and peak hours, actual delivery time is not accurate. Call will be answered at the first available moment.

Advanced Booking Pickup Date & Time - Select the calendar image to schedule an 'Advanced Booking Pickup Date & Time'. Advanced requests will be held in the que. The system will automatically send the advanced booking request 30mins before the scheduled pick up.

Confirm & Submit

Review request information. Incomplete fields will have 'Required*' in red and must be completed. Scroll to the bottom of the browser and click 'Submit Prorter Request' which will automatically dispatched to the first available porter.

How to Review Your Calls

You can at any time see the status of the calls you have entered through the system. Select the 'Show Menu' from the top right of the browser. From the menu pick 'Review All My Requests'.