Mail Room

Cost Centres

All external mail should be labelled with a numerical cost centre. 

Any Mail sent with a no cost centre, or an older format cost centre, will be returned to sender.

Sealing Mail

Seal all of your mail before sending.

This is an important step in protecting pateint and staff privacy

Any unsealed mail will be returned to sender

Personal Mail

Please do not have personal mail or packages delivered to work. These items are delivered and signed for by the mailroom and this puts a strain on our internal delivery service. Mailroom staff audit incoming packages and  will email about anything that could possibly be for personal use. 

Sending a Survey? 

Canada Post has a service called Business Reply Mail. It is a less expensive way to reach a large number of people than traditional mail.You only pay for the surveys that are returned. Contact the Mail Room to set up a Business Reply campaign.