Central Room Booking

Central Room Booking controls availability of several meeting rooms within the QEII, DGH and Nova Scotia Hospital.

Information on each room is listed on the menu on the left.

Internal staff can use Outlook to check availability and book a room.

Please click 'how to book a room'  if you need instruction.

External groups can contact:  centralroombooking@nshealth.ca

Important Notes:

1. In the event of an Emergency, the following rooms could have all bookings cancelled indefinitely as they are alternate treatment or processing areas for emergency response:

  • DGH 1608 Boardroom
  • Room 1243 HI
  • Bethune Ballroom
  • Room 1613A VMB
  • Room 1613B VMB

2.All rooms are required to be placed back in the original setup.

3. The Bethune Ballroom requires setup details (tables and chairs, etc) to be included when submitting the booking and 30 minutes between bookings for setup.