Courier Connections

What is Courier Connections?

Courier Connections is an express delivery service provided by the QEII Mail Room that delivers urgent packages and envelopes between the HI & VG sites and helps expedite packages that are being sent via the Mail Room using Priority Post or Fed-Ex.

How /  When do I contact Courier Connections?

Courier Connections is available between 0630 - 1430 Monday to Friday.

To request a delivery, call 473-7774

*the deadline for out of town Canada Post or Fed-Ex deliveries is 1300

What Information Is needed when requesting a delivery.

When calling / leaving a message to request a delivery, please be prepared to provide the following information:

- Name

- Phone number

-Location (building, room #, any special instructions)

-Cost Centre

-# of pieces

-size (envelope, package, box. Is a cart needed?)

What Does't Courier Connections Do?

-Deliveries to sites outside of the QEII

-Deliveries outside of 0630-1430

-Routine Runs to different sites across NSHA

If these services are needed, call AC Final Mile at (902) 463-3333 .