Recovery and Integration Orientation Videos

The following 2-minute videos are meant to act as a resource to persons with lived experience, their circles of support, staff, physicians and managers and members of the broader community. They provide information about Recovery and Integration Services within NSHA Mental Health and Addictions, Central Zone. The videos were a collaborative effort between staff, persons with lived experience and a videographer (Creative Badger Studio, Robyn Badger - Owner). We hope you enjoy them!


Get Help - Addictions Program 

Short videos celebrating careers in Mental Health and Addictions nursing:

In the videos, five nurses talk about what attracted them to the work they do and how every day is different and rewarding.

  • Introduction to all five nurses:
    • Dawn from Addictions Services
    • Beverley, who (at the time) worked for the Mental Health Court, and now works in Addictions Services
    • Todd, who studied to become a nurse practitioner while working at the East Coast Forensic Hospital
    • Rachel from the IWK who has worked in several settings as a nurse practitioner
    • Emma, a new graduate, who is passionate about pursuing a career in Mental Health and Addictions

We were fortunate to have had the expertise and wisdom of Dr. Sheri Price, creator of the "Be a nurse" campaign ( Members of the Healthy Minds Cooperative ( and family acted as extras to help us tell the stories of our five nurses.