Provincial Center for Training, Education, & Learning

The Provincial Center for Training, Education, and Learning guides the development of a consistent, sustainable, and equitable framework for the provision of training and education provincially. In order to achieve this goal, the NSHA MHA has developed a strategy aimed at developing and promoting a culture of ongoing education and learning as part of the broader community of practice. We provide the provincial framework that supports the training, education, and learning of all staff in the provision of client-centered and evidence-informed care to patients and their families across Nova Scotia.

Overview of the Provincial Center for Training, Education and Learning results

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Erin Keefe, Administrative Assistant
Provincial Center for Training, Education and Learning
Mental Health & Addiction Services
Community Wellness Center
Office 3, 16 Dentith Rd
Halifax, NS  B3R 2H9
Office: 902.487.8314

Dr. Brad A. MacNeil, R. Psych
Provincial Clinical Leader - Manager Educational & Training Competencies (PCL-ME&T)
Policy & Planning, Mental Health & Addictions, 
Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA)
Certified in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Canadian Association of Cognitive & Behavioural Therapies (CACBT)
Assistant Professor (Adjunct), Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University
Assistant Professor (Adjunct), Department of Psychology & Neuroscience, Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Cell Phone: 902-499-1497; Fax: 902-425-3936