Software designed to help “Sends a report of your browsing history to a person of your choosing. Associated cost of between $11.99-15.99/month”  “Controls your access (to any website, doesn’t have to be porn) by delaying that access for a set amount of time – hence making impulsive and poorly-considered access more difficult. You choose the settings, but even to make setting or password changes requires a wait time. This prevents the very common ‘moment of weakness’ scenario. 30 days free, then pay is on a sliding scale based on your income, between $10/year and $15/month”
Victory: “A faith-based, discreet app (for Android or ios) that gives you daily motivation and tracks your behaviour to help you find your triggers. Includes an ‘Accountability Button” where you can set up to three people to receive the notification ‘please pray for [your name]’ if you are feeling like you need extra support”
Stop Fap 2: “An Android app with a community chat and an emergency button while shares random information about pornography when you’re feeling tempted” : “An app for Android (ios coming soon) with daily, non-faith based motivation. Includes ‘accountability partners’, tracks time since last pornography access, and allows you to earn badges as you make progress” “An app (for Android or ios) that helps to distract you through daily check-ins, goals, and short exercises. Free to download, in-app purchases”