Geriatric Medicine Dept.

The Geriatric Ambulatory Care/Memory Disability Clinic sees mostly seniors (65 and over) with health problems related to frailty or dementia.  Consultations are on a referral basis only, meaning that a request to be seen would need to be sent by your family doctor or other primary care practitioner.


The clinic is located on the first floor of the Veterans Memorial Building (VMB), which is located on the corner of Robie Street and Veterans' Memorial Lane (formerly a portion of Jubilee Road) next to the Abbie J. Lane Memorial Building and the Halifax Infirmary, QEII.

What to bring

Please bring your medications or a complete list of your medications.

Our assessment almost always requires interviewing someone who knows you well.  We ask that you bring a family member or close friend with you.

Please bring your health card to the appointment.

What to expect

The first visit most often last between one and three hours, depending on the nature of your problems.  Most patients see a nurse and a physician (geriatrician or neurologist).  Many patients also see a medical resident or medical student, or other learners such as nurses or pharmacists. 

You can expect to have an interview by the clinic staff, have your vital signs taken, and a physical examination.  We will ask to review your medications (it is best to bring them with you).  We will ask to also interview someone who knows you well, most often the person you bring to the appointment with you.

At the end of the appointment we will explain to you what we think the issues are, what our recommendations are for treatment, and recommend any community resources that we think may be helpful.  Depending on the nature of your problems we may make referrals for tests or to see other specialists.  We may want to bring you back for a follow up appointment.


If you have any questions about the appointment please contact the clinic at

If you are a primary care practitioner and wish to make a referral, visit our documents page.