Institutional Awards

If you are a Nova Scotia Health Authority researcher involved in a large scale institutional grant or award, support is available from the Project Manager of Institutional Awards.

Large institutional awards include the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the Canadian Institute of Health Research, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and Genome Canada. The support provided

ensures that your application to a major funding agency is developed and submitted to the highest standard possible, and that the project, once awarded is managed in accordance to the funding agency requirements. The support includes:

  • Development of the application, including project proposal, CVs, budgetary items
  • Fulfils the criteria for the funding agency
  • Addresses any institutional risk issues
  • Assists with collaboration with matching funders and commercial partners
  • Assists with the liaison with the Dalhousie ILI office if required
  • Incorporates IP best practices
  • Ensures alignment with strategic priorities 

The Project Manager collaborates with NSHA Legal Services to support the researcher in managing post-award contracting and award finalization, and works with NSHA Financial Services to oversee the complex financial arrangements and reporting associated with a major project. The Project Manager is the main contact person between the researcher and Dalhousie Research Services, and with Dalhousie ILI as required. Industry collaboration is also vital for a number of large institutional awards, and support is offered by connecting commercial partners and maintaining the collaborations formed and ensuring all legal aspects are overseen.