Research Quality

The research quality program develops and promotes systems to support and monitor the achievement of local, national and international requirements for research at the Nova Scotia Health Authority. This multifaceted program focuses on capacity building and quality improvement.

Components include:


Are you wondering which research standards apply to your study, or how to put them into practice? 

Or perhaps you’re considering designing your own study and want to ensure you understand your regulatory obligations as a sponsor-investigator. 

Study reviews

Study reviews are similar to audits in many respects but are performed at the request of the principal investigator. 

If you’re curious about whether your study complies with applicable standards, you can request the Program Manager perform a quality review. You can also send a written request outlining the purpose, scope and timeline of the proposed review. Every effort will be made to accommodate these requests within existing workloads.

Customized Presentations

The Program Manager is always happy to talk to research teams and other groups and welcomes invitations to speak at meetings and educational sessions. 

Possible topics include:

  • Common Audit Findings
  • Developing and Using Standard Operating Procedures
  • Quality Management
  • Regulatory Requirements for Clinical Trials
  • Research Conduct: Do’s & Don’ts
  • Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator
  • Source Documentation

Internal Quality Audits:

Internal quality audits are the most visible component of the Research Quality Program and are overseen by the Research Ethics Board. More than 70 studies have been audited since 2004. 

The audits assess whether research is being conducted according to applicable requirements and identify opportunities for improvement. Findings from routine and directed audits are used to guide system enhancements throughout Capital Health. For further details, see the Research Audit Manual.

Contact(s): Program Manager, Research Quality: Michele Chappell, 902-478-2162