Research People Services

Research Services follows the policies and procedures of the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) People Services Department. The Research Services Human Resources Manager provides client-based support to all research staff. Researchers are encouraged to contact the Human Resources Manager, for assistance with hiring in order to simplify and accelerate the process.

The HR Manager facilitates the hiring of research staff by: 

  • Assessing staff requirements for research projects
  • Posting for new or replacement positions
  • Selecting the appropriate applicants and providing interview questions and skill testing assignments, if required
  • Reference checking for potential staff
  • Interfacing with NSHA People Services to complete the administrative hiring process
  • In collaboration with NSHA, arranging for Payroll Services, People Services, approval for IT requirements and space allocation for new employees.

In addition to NSHA Orientation, all research employees are provided with an orientation to Research Services provided by the Research Education Program

The HR Manager assists research teams with regular performance appraisals and facilitates research teams in achieving healthy work environments. In addition, the HR Manager ensures that any staff termination processes are appropriately completed.

Students in Research

  • Students paid through grants / research funds are hired as NSHA employees via the Human Resources Manager
  • Research Students in Medicine (RIM) are facilitated by the Program Manager-Research Education
  • Students  participating in research as a  requirement of their academic program are processed through Interprofessional Student Placement Office.  Contact: 902-473-7916


Dawn Munroe, Director for Human Resources – Research, Innovation and Discovery

(902) 223-7837

Sheryl-Lynn Forward, Human Resources Advisor, Research & Innovation

(902) 221-3419

MaryBeth Campbell, Human Resources Advisor, Research & Innovation

(902) 220-4865

Runa Sheha, Human Resources Assistant, Research & Innovation

(902) 943-6477