NSHA Research Fund (NSHA RF)

*Please click here for an important memo regarding the Spring 2020 competition. It has been postponed until further notice.*

The NSHA Research Fund exists to support original NSHA based research projects. The competition takes place twice annually with deadlines on September 15 and March 15. An information session is held prior to both deadlines.

There are 4 funding categories for projects taking place over 1-3 years:

1.        New investigators – up to $50,000 (with required dept. matching funds)

2.        Staff – up to $25,000

3.        Trainees – up to $5000

4.        Health Professionals – up to $10,000

NSHA RF Application Package:


Application Checklist

Application Form 1A

Application Form 1B

NSHA RF Final Report

Please submit completed packages to research.fund@nshealth.ca *

NSHA RF Observer Program

NSHA RF's Peer Review Observer Program allows you to go behind the scenes to observe a peer review committee meeting first-hand. There is no charge to attend the program, and it is open to anyone interested in learning more about peer review.

To register, please complete the following registration form and email it to us. Information collected will only be used for the purposes of Peer Review Observer Program.

We will follow up with all registrants via email with instructions to review the conflict of interest terms, sign a non-disclosure letter, and to confirm your scheduled observing time.

NOTE: If you are a Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, or Supervisor on an NSHARF Grant application in the competition you have identified, you may not observe the review of your application.  A maximum of 5 observers will be invited to each funding session. Those who are not chosen to participate in their chosen session, will be offered a spot in the next session (based on interest of the participant and availability).

The Research Fund is overseen by the NSHA Research Services Office. All interest and questions can be directed to the contacts below.

Contact(s): Manager, Contracts, Grant  Facilitation & Support: Jennifer Thurlow, 902-491-5807, jennifer.thurlow@nshealth.ca

Administrative Assistant: Michelle Roden, 902-473-7906, michelle.roden@nshealth.ca

*For large files using NSHA SEND, please submit to michelle.roden@nshealth.ca or jennifer.thurlow@nshealth.ca as the above email doesn't work.