Matching Funds

Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) Matching Research Funds Program

Matching funds are increasingly required as part of research funding agency opportunities. In order to support the viability of applying for these funds NSHA Research Services (in partnership with the QEII Foundation*) offers a matching research funds program to eligible NSHA investigators.

Requests for matching funds support should be sent to the Director, NSHA Research Services using this form.

Requests must be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the application deadline, however applicants are encouraged to advise NSHA Research Services of matching funds requirements as soon as this requirement is known.

Requests will be reviewed and assessed based on the requirements and guidelines listed below. All other relevant NSHA grant submission review and approval requirements and guidelines remain in effect.


  • The requested funds must be a funding competition/agency matching fund requirement (Please note: these funds cannot be used as leverage or bridge funds);
  • The Lead Investigator/applicant must have a primary appointment at NSHA;
  • The proposed research projects must be taking place at NSHA;
  • The proposed research must support the mandate and mission of NSHA (To achieve excellence in health, healing and learning through working together) and have a direct impact at NSHA;
  • Lead Investigator/applicant must first request matching funds support from his/her Department, Faculty, and/or government partner as applicable. (Evidence of requests and responses are required). It is the expectation that an applicant’s Department and Faculty provide some investments that complement those requested from NSHA; and
  • The budget must be reasonable and within relevant NSHA research guidelines. The budget should explicitly state how the matching funds will be used and include all relevant in-kind contributions.

Other Guidelines/Information:

  • NSHA Investigators/applicants may have only one pending request for matching funds at a time;
  • NSHA Investigators/applicants may receive approval for matching funds for only one project at time;
  • A maximum of $50,000/ funding year may be requested;
  • Matching funds are to be held in an NSHA research account;
  • Please note: there is no guarantee of matching funds approval;
  • All approvals are subject to fund availability;
  • Funding release is at the discretion of the NSHA Research Services; and
  • Should the matching requirements of the funding agency and/or application change due to receipt of additional research funding or a cut in proposed budget/funded award, the approved matching funds will be reassessed and the amount may be revised.