Grant Support

Investigator initiated/lead research is an integral part of the research landscape at Nova Scotia Health. This research comes in many forms; Health Canada regulated drug, device and natural health product clinical trials, non-regulated clinical trials, prospective cohort study, retrospective chart review, randomized controlled trials, pilot studies, systematic review, qualitative research design, etc.

Most often, there are direct costs associated with this research that require funding in order to cover these costs and bring these studies to fruition.  These funds may be the result of a grant award, financial support from industry, a donation or foundation funding. Nova Scotia Health Research Services is committed to facilitating the applications, budgets, agreements, and approvals necessary to assist Investigators and Research Teams to complete their research studies.

The Research Development and Grant Facilitation Team are responsible for assisting with, preparing, reviewing, and approving all funding submissions/requests and budgets for Investigator Initiated Research (IIR) studies being conducted in all Zones at Nova Scotia Health.

Finding and Obtaining Funding

Agreements and Other Considerations