Consulting Services & Fees

The collaboration and consulting process with RMU typically begins with an initial meeting to discuss the project and to estimate the amount of time involved. Sometimes we can answer investigators’ questions and solve their study-related problems during this initial meeting. Often, projects require further support from RMU.

Free RMU Services

RMU consultants provide the following services without charge:

  • Initial one-hour consultation
  • All preparatory work required for the duration of the project
  • Support for research design (quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods)
  • Project management in the context of RMU support (e.g., support for PIA, etc.)
  • Initial support in the context of grant applications (e.g., review of application and feedback/suggested changes/additions)
  • Initial support in the context of developing a Statement of Work and Quote (e.g., review of protocol and feedback/suggested changes/additions, etc.)
  • Mentorship in the context of a project (e.g., explaining statistical methods, data management, etc.)

RMU Service Fees

Recuperating some of the costs of services provided by RMU to investigators through their grants is investing in available resources to help make them sustainable for the future. Therefore, the RMU will request a fee for some of its services to cover a small amount of its operational costs. The RMU charges an hourly service fee for analysis and consulting work done on a project that has funding.


Any (face‐to‐face, phone or Skype) project meetings with research team members after principal investigator approves estimate for RMU services. This also includes ongoing project discussions with team via email when extensive enough to merit recording.



Database development and management, data analysis and interpretation, any other work on project including time spent post‐analysis on responding to reviewer comments or follow‐up questions.


RMU Process for Quote Development

Initial Consult

Before the RMU charges fees for any of its services, investigator(s) will come to the RMU for an initial consultation to describe their project and the services requested. Based on that discussion, RMU consultant(s) then determine(s) the work required and the time it will take to complete the request.

Estimate for Services

The RMU then prepares an estimate for the investigator that clearly outlines the requested work to be done for the project and cost for these services. For example, an investigator needs the RMU to develop a research database that will take the RMU an estimated 30 hours to complete. The cost for developing the database would be $3,000 (30 hours x $100). The estimate will then be included in a Statement of Work and Quote letter that will be sent to the investigator.The work required to produce the Statement of Work and Quote is free.

Start of Services

The RMU only starts recording these hours once the investigator accepts the quote and asks the RMU to start the requested work.


Invoices will be sent on a quarterly basis, and the investigator is only invoiced for the hours that the RMU works on the project. As such, the quote represents a maximum amount that the RMU charges for the outlined services, unless the scope of the project changes significantly. At that point, a new estimate will be developed.

RMU Process in Context of Grant Application

This above described process is also used for projects for which investigators seek funding through grants with the exception that the RMU estimate would become a budget line in the grant proposal. The RMU will provide assistance with developing the protocol and analysis plan without charge.

Unfunded Projects

Investigators pay or arrange for their departments to pay for services provided by the RMU whenever possible. If there is no departmental or programme funding available, the RMU recommends that investigators apply for grant funding to support their research. Research offices at the Nova Scotia Health Authority, IWK Health Centre or Dalhousie Faculties can provide assistance in identifying suitable funding opportunities. If no funding can be secured, the RMU may provide project support at no charge. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis by the RMU, depending upon the availability of RMU resources.

Department of Medicine Credits

Investigators who are affiliated with the Department of Medicine (DoM) may be eligible to have the costs of RMU services covered through DoM credits. Decisions as to whether a project is eligible for DoM credits are made on a case-by-case basis by the DoM. Investigators should indicate on the RMU Consultation Request Form whether they wish to have their project assessed for DoM credit eligibility.