Network for End of Life Studies (NELS)

The Network for End of Life Studies (NELS), led by two Dalhousie University researchers (Dr. Grace Johnston and Dr. Fred Burge), is engaged in ongoing end of life care research.  The NELS group partnered with DCPNS, Cardiovascular Health NS, Cancer Care NS, and three District Health Authorities with Palliative Care programs to examine care near the end of life across disease types.

In 2015, DCPNS collaborate with the NELS team to publish an articleIdentifying Persons with Diabetes Who Could Benefit from a Palliative Approach to Carein the Canadian Journal of Diabetes.  Of note, rates of palliative program enrollment for persons with diabetes increased 3.2% in 1995 to 34.3% in 2009.  The finding highlighted the need for diabetes care providers to prepare patients and their families for changes in diabetes management (i.e., less stringent glucose control with a focus on safety and quality of life) that will be beneficial as end of life approaches.