Nova Scotia Insulin Pump Program (NSIPP)

Department of Health and Wellness Nova Scotia Insulin Pump Program (NSIPP)
The NSIPP was launched in September 2013 and expanded in 2015 to provide financial support for insulin pumps and pump supplies to individuals with Type 1 diabetes for ages 25 and under.
This is a Department of Health and Wellness insured service, administered by the IWK. An NSIPP Coordinator assists applicants as required, reviews applications when recieved, determines the co-pay, and communicates with the applicant and the selected pump vendor.

NSIPP Contact Information:

  • Phone: 902-470-6707 (Halifax); Toll-free: 1-855-306-6360
  • E-mail:

Website (application forms and FAQs):

The IWK is also an approved Diabetes Centre site for NSIPP applicants (Pediatric Diabetes Program). There are nine such approved sites across Nova Scotia.
NSIPP is supported by a "Best Practice" pump initiation and follow-up approach developed by the Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia (DCPNS). Applicants are referred to an approved Diabetes Centre and the Diabetes Team and specialist physicians follow a standardized process to initiate pump therapy.
  • Refer to Guidelines & Resources (Insulin Pump - Children/Youth & Adults) to view/download the resource materials/tools developed to support diabetes health care providers and pump candidates as well as their families.
A Health Authority Insulin Pump Policy has also been drafted. This policy is designed to assist Health Authority Management and Zone personnel in understanding the expectations of NSIPP-approved Diabetes Centres (Part I); and for non-diabetes specialists, how to manage pump patients safely in and around hospital (Part II).
The DCPNS conducts and reports the evaluation findings.
  • In July 2017, the DCPNS completed a comprehensive evaluation of the NSIPP from September 16, 2013 (go-live date) to March 31, 2016. To view the 2-page Executive Summary of the report, click here (PDF).
  • The full report may be requested by senior leadership and managers within the Nova Scotia health system or providers within the circle of care for current and potential insulin pump therapy patients. Please contact the DCPNS at: