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Diabetes Care in Nova Scotia
The DCPNS bulletin, Diabetes Care in Nova Scotia, began in November 2015, replacing the newsletter that had been produced quarterly since 1994.  The bulletin continues the tradition of the DCPNS newsletter in an abbreviated format.
The DCPNS Bulletin is a vehicle to inform, connect, network, generate ideas, and influence practice. A limited number of hard copies are distributed to the Diabetes Centres in Nova Scotia and other interested individuals/groups.
Submission Guidelines
Submissions to the DCPNS Bulletin are encouraged and welcomed.  We strive to facilitate knowledge exchange and the sharing of innovative approaches and programs through submissions from health care providers interested in wellness, prevention, and diabetes management.  Submissions should be forwarded to the editor, see below for contact information.  Publication dates are somewhat variable depending on Program activities/resources.  If submitting to the Bulletin, the piece should be short (no more than1-2 paragraphs), aimed at health care providers and address the 5 W’s – what, why, where, when, who/how.
All submissions will be reviewed for readership and audience interest. Prior to publication, the author will be asked to review and approve the edited version of the submission.
For more information contact: Editor, Diabetes Care in Nova Scotia at info@dcpns.nshealth.ca

November 2017

We are pleased to bring you the 3rd issue of the DCPNS Bulletin.