Cardiovascular Health Nova Scotia

Cardiovascular Health Nova Scotia (CVHNS) is a provincial program of the Nova Scotia Health Authority which aims to improve the cardiovascular health and care of Nova Scotians. The Program's scope includes cardiac disease and stroke. CVHNS is responsible for:

  • developing guidelines and service delivery models,
  • working with NSHA and IWK to improve cardiovascular health,
  • monitoring and reporting cardiovascular health outcomes,
  • facilitating professional development opportunities for health providers, and
  • working with others to reduce the risk and burden of cardiovascular disease.

This website has been developed as a means of informing for health providers and planners about CVHNS' work. Persons with, or at risk for, cardiovascular disease are welcome to view all aspects of this website, but may find the information located under Links for the General Public on the resource page to be of greater interest.