The Porn Diet

The Porn Diet is a project organized by a small group of mental health professionals working within the Nova Scotia Health Authority in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Over the past few years, our program has noticed an increase in calls regarding problematic (but not illegal) pornography from family physicians, other mental health professionals, and even from individuals engaging in such behaviour , but because our program is designed to address illegal behaviour, we weren’t able to provide help.

However, with some funding from the Nova Scotia Government , we put together a presentation that was available for free to anyone able to attend on the scheduled dates, in order to share information on the effects of problematic pornography use, with a different focus than many discussions tend to have; for example, our purpose was not to discuss the morality of pornography). It was an introductory level presentation using common language in the hope that people might think about pornography use in a different way than they had before, and to provide some resources for people who are struggling with problematic use.