Trauma Registry

The Trauma Registry is a crucial component of any trauma system. It provides the necessary information for the trauma program to conduct quality assurance, engage in injury surveillance, perform research and develop injury prevention and control strategies. In addition, trauma registries allow administrators and clinicians alike to engage in evidence-based decisions making, policy development and planning.

A Trauma Registry abstracts information from the patient care record and enters it into a database. The Trauma Registry Database is then used to obtain, code and sort injury information for the purpose of analysis and reporting. The information collected by a trauma registry includes facts related to the injury event, patient demographics, the types and severity of injuries sustained in the event, the process of care (prehospital through rehabilitation) and patient outcomes.

Most trauma registries only collect data on the most severely injured patients. This type of data set is commonly referred to as a "comprehensive data set". Some trauma registries also capture basic information on all injury admissions - a "minimal data set"; data related to traumatic deaths (death data set); and emergency department data sets, which capture information on patients with injuries who are treated in the emergency department and subsequently released, without ever being admitted.

Nova Scotia Trauma Registry

A comprehensive province-wide trauma registry was launched by the EHS Nova Scotia Trauma Program in April 2000. The provincial comprehensive trauma registry includes all major trauma patients who are admitted to the province's District and/or Tertiary Trauma Centres. In addition to the comprehensive data set, the Nova Scotia Trauma Registry also includes a minimal data set. This information is compiled by the Canadian Institute for Health Information and through the Nova Scotia Department of Health, this data is downloaded into one of the Trauma Program's databases. A third component of the Nova Scotia Trauma Registry is a death data set.

At present, Nova Scotia does not have a system for collecting emergency department injury-related data. Once emergency department injury data does become available, it is our intention to add this to the trauma registry.

Information from the trauma registry can be made available to clinicians, researchers and injury prevention organizations by downloading and submitting the request for information form.