Why is the THFC important?

Heart failure is a progressive disease with an unpredictable course. As heart failure progresses to end-stage disease individuals suffer with significant symptoms including increased dyspnea, fatigue, edema, depression & anxiety. As a consequence of symptom burden and frailty, patients with end-stage HF experience a significant impairment in their quality of life. 
The Transitional Heart Failure Clinic is an outreach service that provides holistic care for patients with end-stage heart failure who are moderately to severely frail, in their home. The clinic transitions patients from an active management approach that aims to prolong survival to a palliative approach that focuses on control of symptoms to maintain quality of life and advanced care planning to support patients, as they approach the end of their life.
In consideration of the significant symptom burden, patients with heart failure who are frail are significant users of the health care system. By establishing an Advanced Care Plan, supporting patient’s self-management and providing access to a Nurse Practitioner in the community, the THFC can provide early intervention if a patient condition worsens. In this way the clinic aims to reduce transfer to the Emergency Department and admission to hospital.