Zoom for Healthcare

Virtual Care

To help support patient care and health care providers in the current COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom for Healthcare has been approved as a virtual care platform for use on an interim basis for all health care providers (physicians, nurse practitioners, allied health professionals and staff).

What is Zoom for Healthcare?

Zoom for Healthcare is a secure, web-based virtual care video conferencing platform.  

Do I Need Zoom for Healthcare? 

Zoom for Healthcare may be right for you if you: 

  • need the enhancement of video to deliver patient care; 
  • are in self-isolation and / or available to practice remotely;
  • can provide patients currently using smart phones and computers for other online services like banking, shopping and Internet with the instructions they need to connect for care using Zoom for Healthcare and
  • can take an online Zoom training tutorial. Additional support is also available at www.zoom.us  if you need additional technical or training supports.

What are the requirements? 

1. An email account

  • If the health care provider is acting as their own custodian (i.e. primary care provider in family practice) they can use a non-nshealth email, as these providers are responsible for the security and privacy of their patient information.  If services are being provided on behalf of NSHA or the IWK (i.e. patients are registered in an NSHA or IWK system), an nshealth email account must be used. 
  • If an administrative assistant will be scheduling appointments on your behalf, these staff will also require a Zoom account. 

2. Email scheduling software (i.e. Outlook, Gmail etc.)  

  • If services are being provided on behalf of NSHA or the IWK, nshealth Outlook must be used. Instructions will be provided to you about how to book these appointments appropriately in order to protect patient privacy.
  • If the health care provider is acting as their own custodian, other scheduling software can be used. Please consider the risk to personal health information safety when using public email systems (i.e. Gmail, etc).

3. For both health care providers / patients: access to a computer, tablet or smartphone with audio / video technology and high speed internet or cell service. 

How Do I Access Zoom for Healthcare? 
For NSHA/IWK users please complete this Zoom for Healthcare Request Form, save as and submit by email to VirtualCare@nshealth.ca
For NON-NSHA/IWK users please complete this Zoom for Healthcare Request Form.

**You must complete all fields accurately and in full. Review your request before submitting (especially email addresses). If you do not provide the correct information in the form, it will significantly delay a Zoom for Healthcare account being assigned to you.**

For NSHA email account requests, please complete the same submission process using your current email address. 
We will be contacting you via email only.