Complementary Therapies

Volunteer licensed/registered therapists dedicate their time by offering a hands-on demonstration of their services. All therapies are performed in a private room with a professional therapist. The 20 minutes spent with each patient or family member focuses on reducing stress and creating a sense of calm and peace to help in the healing process. 

Massage therapy
Massage therapy is the gentle application of pressure to help release tension and stress. The therapist can target problem areas to help reduce muscle pain and leave you feeling refreshed.

Reflexology is the application of pressure to certain reflex areas of the body. Regular sessions help the body release stress and support mental and physical wellness.

Therapeutic Touch®
Therapeutic Touch® has been scientifically researched and used in hospitals around the world. This energy-based therapy has many benefits and helps to support healing.

Reiki is the Japanese art of hands-on energy healing. It is beneficial for both physical and psychological health. 

Healing Touch 
Healing Touch is a holistic energy therapy that promotes deep relaxation and supports the healing of mind, body and spirit. It complements traditional medicine.

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The therapies offered through the sunshine room are a lifeline to me.  Thank you so much for this essential service! – Patient/ Caregiver Comment